Monitor Your Marketing Success

Social Media and Google Analytics


Easily connect to Google Analytics and interactively monitor your website. This is a great tool to track your marketing campaigns as they relate to your web traffic. Having a beautiful website is great, but being able to track your success is invaluable to your ability to change and improve your marketing approach.

Organic Search Engine Optimization


If you want to be found on Google, it is vitally important that your website code is formatted to be easily read by Google. It is quite amazing how many websites aren’t even readable by the major search engines. With, your website posts will be automatically formatted to insure that Google and other search engines can easily access your website and place it in the search results.

SEO Keyword Management


Any time you create new content for your website, your content is scanned and analyzed to provide a report telling you what keywords are identified. This gives you the ability to tweak your keywords, and over time, be found by the major search engines for the keywords that are most important to you and your website visitors.

Manage Contacts and New Leads


Our platform integrates seamlessly with your Mailchimp account (read more). People who sign up on your website using the built-in form generator will be automatically added to your contact list. This makes managing your new contacts simple, so you can spend more time reaching out to new visitors and less time updating your contact list. Launch – Inside Pages

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