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14-Day Free Trial
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Questions You May Have

Can I make my payments online?

Yes. We accept major forms of credit card payment through our online portal. Types of payment we accept: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Signup and try WebSocially for 14 days at no cost. On the 15th day, your credit card will be charged and from that point forward, will recur once a month until you cancel. If you cancel before the 15th day, your card will not be charged at all.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitments?

Nope. You pay-as-you-go from month to month. You can upgrade and downgrade your account at any time.

If I cancel, do I lose my content?

No. Your content is yours to keep. However, our design work including graphics and proprietary website scripts will not be transferable. Text, video, and / or images you add, create, or upload to your website are always yours.

Do WebSocially Websites support online shopping carts?

Officially, not yet. Unofficially, we are testing shopping cart functionality with a select few websites. If you are interested in learning more about this, send a request for more information to

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