Community Engagement

Auto Publish to Facebook and Twitter


Automatically publish your website content to your Facebook and Twitter accounts every time new material is created. One touch publishing saves time and helps you stay focused. Creating great content is important, but once you have that great content you need a way to get it out there. Syncing your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your website is one way to start your viral marketing off on the right track.

Display Your Twitter Feed


Give your website visitors direct access to your Twitter feed with an attractive sidebar that you control. Having a Twitter feed on your website shows your visitors that you are up to date on the latest communication tools and that you are active in the community. This is also a great way to get more people to follow you. When your visitors see the great content your publishing, they will be more likely to follow you immediately.

Integrated Email Newsletters


Our platform integrates seamlessly with your Mailchimp account (read more). This functionality allows you to automatically send out emails to your contacts when content is created on your website. This is such an efficient way of connecting with your contact lists and staying fresh in their minds.

Instant Multilingual Page Translations


Put the power of communication in the hands of your website visitors. They control what language they view your website in. If you operate in a market that services a specific cultural niche, this feature is perfect for you. With the click of a mouse, your entire website can be translated into one of countless native languages on the specific computer that is viewing your site. Launch – Inside Pages

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